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Grow and Monetise Your Facebook Group -- Without Feeling 'Salesy' or 'Douchey'



Community- The perfect place for your people to gather and share in a common interest.

Social Proof- Strengthen your brand by customers and clients bragging about you.

Lead Generation- Turn a freezing cold lead into a hot lead inside your group.

Authority- Build your authority as you share valuable content.

Know, Like, Trust Factor- As you interact with group members, psychologically they begin to know, like and trust you more. Meaning they will be much more likely to buy from you.


Your Group Just Isn't Growing Fast Enough...


Your Group Engagement is Dangerously Low or Dead...


You Don't Know How to Monetise Your Group...


You Struggle Creating Constant Content For Your Group...


You Aren't Confident in Your Launch Plan...


The pressure of building a successful group begins to take its toll when you stop seeing results or progress.

"Will this group ever grow?"


"Why won't people engage on my posts?"


"How will I offer my service without coming across 'salesy'?"


"How can I keep up the constant content creation?"


If you've asked yourself any of these questions then you're in the right place.

never fear, i'm going to show you how to:

Launch and fill your group the right way using my 9 fast fill methods. If you have an established group already, we’ll pour fresh members into it and make sure it’s set up correctly.

Next, we’ll take my top engagement building posts and create powerful engagement right off the back of your launch OR we’ll use the right posts to revive your group if it’s been suffering.

Once your group engagement has risen, I'll teach you my lead generation strategies that will have people asking to work with you.. Without you ever mentioning anything about ‘Signing up here’ or ‘Click the link to join now’. 

After generating new leads from your group (which also work outside your group - FB Page, Email, Instagram, LinkedIn) I’ll show you how to sell your product or service via chat.

Then I’ll show you the perfect method for sharing client testimonials in a soft and simple way that will drive your authority and social proof through the roof and even increase sales. (This whole process takes less than 30 seconds)

In This Program You Will Learn How To:

Grow your group organically.


Monetise your group without feeling
'salesy' or 'pushy'.


Increase your group engagement or revive
a dead group quickly.


Sell easily via chat (Messenger, IG,
LinkedIn, Email).


Create content with ease so you don't have
to 'think' about what's next.


Share testimonials that increase sales.



When You Become a Founding Member You Will Receive These Exclusive Bonuses:

You will get access to 3 Masterclass events within the private members only Facebook Group. These masterclasses will all be accompanied by Q&A sessions.

5-Figure Group Launch Masterclass

How to go from ZERO members to a 5-Figure launch within 4 weeks. Comes with
full plan download, exactly what to post when.
(60-90 Minutes)

365 Day Group Content Masterclass

How to create content and know it's EXACTLY
what your group finds VALUABLE, every time! 
Ps. This strategy will grow your email list,
YouTube channel, Instagram acc and
strengthen your group.
(60-90 Minutes)

Facebook Group Psychology Masterclass

 How to understand Facebook and your
audience to set yourself up for long term
success growing and monetising your group.
(60-90 Minutes)

Affiliate Accelerator Program

You will gain access to your own affiliate
account and be able to earn 50% commissions
straight back into your pocket.
Simply refer 2 people and the program
becomes entirely free.

And now I’d like to invite you to join us for the first-ever FB Group Secrets Pilot Program!

As a founding member, you’ll get lifetime access to my FB Group Secrets Program and
60 Days of coaching and community support in our members-only Facebook Group for
just $397 (goes up to $997 after we launch)!

Are You Ready To Start Growing Your Group?


Early Bird Offer Increases After First 25 Members

What Happens Next?

I'll close the Pilot Program and release FB Group Secrets publicly for $997, So if you...

Are ready to take your group to the next level of impact and income...


Are ready to become the trusted leader within your audience...


Are prepared to make a huge leap in your group growth and momentum...


Then this is your shot at making it happen!

This offer to join the Pilot Program ends in...


Facebook Profile Brand Upgrade- How to brand your personal Facebook profile so you are seen as the go-to "Expert" in your niche and have people want to follow you.

Facebook Profile Optimization- How to optimise your personal Facebook profile so the algorithm starts loving you and with every post you reach more people! (Instead of suffering like most profiles are right now)

Instagram Brand Update- How to upgrade your Instagram account so you stand out amongst the crowd and instantly are perceived as professional and the expert in your industry.

23 Compulsive Conversation Starter Posts- These posts will optimise your Facebook profile at light speed and allow you to dominate the newsfeed, meaning your name will be in lights 24/7

12 Subject Line Winners for Email- My top 12 highest open rate subject lines that have helped me gain more attention and increase sales.

Successful Client Onboarding Group Technique - How to onboard new members & clients into your paid group so they immediately 'feel' integrated and part of the community.

PLUS... all of the additional strategies, tactics and methods that I've jammed this course full
of that will enable you to grow your Facebook group to places you never ever imagined possible.

This pilot program includes a mixture of video walkthroughs taking you step by step through strategies, along with downloadable templates and scripts to help you grow and monetise your group.
You get lifetime access to our Members Area Portal that hosts the entire course, videos, downloads and scripts.
You get to download and keep all scripts, templates, worksheets and guides that will greatly help you in the coming weeks, months and years in growing and leading your groups.
You can get lifetime access to the FB Group Secrets program today for just:


And to shoot it straight -
this WILL be a challenge.

Yes, you are excited, nervous and wanting to get started immediately but this program is going to challenge you to think differently and push you in a new way of thinking.

And that's the same for all my clients who were once confused and overwhelmed group owners not knowing how to grow their group...
And are now confidently growing their groups with a solid plan in place.
So if you have read this far then I can imagine you're saying 'That's me, I am ready to go on this journey'.
Then let's DO THIS and get to work on growing your group the right way so you can stop worrying and wasting time on things that aren't working.

What Are Others Saying Already?

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Frequently Asked Questions

My Guarantee To You Is This:

If you follow all lessons in the next 30 days and don't
love it, I'll buy it back at full price AND I'll throw in $10
bucks for a cold drink on me.
All you have to do is send me an email with screenshots showing that you
took action on each strategy and I'll buy it back with no further questions...

If you want to KNOW that you KNOW -  that you
have proven strategies in place for  growing  your
group the right way without feeling salesy...

Then I cannot wait for you to get started so we can kick a tonne of
group goals together over the next 30-60 days.

I'll see you on the inside..

Go well,




- The Body Factory -


You won't find any typical fitness programs here at TBF. We are known for making versatile programs that challenge any type of hardcore athletes. We do have "normal" training facilities, but our Special Events are definitely the most popular programs we have. 

- Skilled -

We have some of the world's most interesting instructors here at TBF. Professionals from everywhere pursue a career at our gym because it gives them a challenge they can't get anywhere else. Every month we pick the Instructor of the month based on certain tough criteria.

- Awesome -

From the outside, our building looks like a condemned factory. But once inside, you will instantly see how we have used this destroyed interior to our advantage. Bricks, wires and wood play a huge roll in our special training equipment. Hard training requires hard materials.

Pick Trainer

Choose Program

Set Goals

- Upcoming -
Special Events

Hello world!

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About this event

Unless You
Keep Going



- Instructor of the month -
Melanie Metal

Melanie "Metal" Jones has been with The Body Factory for 6 months and we are quite proud of her. She makes spinning and CrossFit programs that even the most die hard athletes will choke on. She has earned her nickname, Metal, due to the taste people have in their mouth after training just 10 minutes with her.


- Opening -

Monday: 4:30am - 11:00pm
Tuesday: 4:30am - 11:00pm
Wednesday: 4:30am - 11:00pm
Thursday: 4:30am - 11:30pm
Friday: 5:30am - 12:00pm
Saturday: 5:30am - 12:00pm
Sunday: 7:00am - 10:00pm

- Company -

The Body Factory
4863 Pretty View Lane
New York, NY 10001
P.O. Box 789232
Tel: 707-946-7464
Fax: 707-946-7465

Monthly Plan

$199 per Month
  • Unlimited club access
  • Unlimited training
  • Access to tanning & spa area
  • Discount on selected equipment
  • Free The Body Factory shirt

Yearly Plan

$1990 per Year
  • Unlimited club access
  • Unlimited training
  • Unlimited access to tanning & spa area
  • Discount on selected equipment and drinks
  • Free The Body Factory shirt & bag

VIP Plan

Ask for Price
  • Unlimited club access
  • Unlimited VIP area access
  • Unlimited personal training
  • Unlimited access to VIP wellness area
  • Personal locker room
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Admit One: Pro Conference 2017
Tuesday: May 24th

2pm Pacific, 3pc Mountain
4pm Central, 5pm eastern

Your Host:
Jason Pearson

CEO & Founder of our company!

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